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Meet Marieme Wade

Marieme Wade started off her career working with hair 20 years ago. Best known for her "Goddess Braids" Marieme has made it her priority to help her clients gain and maintain healthy hair. Her goal is for her clients' hair to not only look beautiful but also grow and be healthy. Although she has spent her majority doing goddess braids, box braids, flat twists, Senegalese twists, and cornrows, Marieme is transitioning into working with natural hair. The natural hair styles include but are not limited to twist outs, braid outs, hair and scalp treatments, and two stranded twist updos. With the use of her products and her technique, Marieme knows that she can make your hair healthy again. Aside from traditional natural hairstyles Marieme is a Sisterlock consultant and also specializes in dreadlocks.

Who we are


In 1997, Magic Hands was brought to fruition at 325 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, New York. After 25 years, we relocated to My Salon Suite in Ridge Hill at 55 Cole Street, in Yonkers to provide our customers a more professional and accessible environment.


As the owner and stylist of Magic Hands Marieme's number one priority is to enhance natural hair by treating my client’s hair with the love and attention it deserves. My goal is for you to leave my chair with strong and healthy hair. And only quality products are used.


Sisterlocks is a fairly new hairstyle popular with African American women and men. Sisterlocks are different from traditional dreadlocks because the individual pieces are much smaller than conventional dreadlocks. This hairstyle is made using a person's existing hair, and installed by licensed hair stylists certified in the Sisterlocks system.

Natural Hair Care

If Natural hair care is what you are looking for, you are at the right place. After doing extension for so many years I am excited to show my talent on natural hair. I want Magic Hands to evolve into a business thai is passionate about the beauty of naturally testured hair.

Our Services

We style a wide array of natural hair, from locks to twists, to braids and more

- Lock Startup
- Sisterlock Installement
- Retightening
- Lock Repair
- Shampoo & Conditioning
- Shampoo & Deep Conditioning
- Comb Twist
- Cornrows Style
- Flat Twist Style
- Two Strand Twist
- Updo’s
- Pipe Cleaners Set
- Perm Rod Set
- Flexi Rod Set
- Wash & Go


Hair Loss

Hair is far more complex than it appears on the surface. Every hair is in a different stage of growing, resting or shedding. Everyone has a different Life span as far as how long that their hair will grow.
Just like your face, we need to keep the skin on your scalp clean and hydrated. Healthy Hair & Hair Loss Prevention starts at the scalp
Whether it is hair loss, hair thinning or a scalp condition, it all starts with what is happening inside the body.


Complete Hair Nutrition

 - Best DHT Blocker on the market 

- MGC - Proven in 8 clinical studies to stop hair loss and regrow hair
- Clinically Developed and Tested

- Physician Recommended

- Complete Hair Health Vitamin

- Helps hair become stronger, fuller and longer for more beautiful looking hair.

- For Men and Women 

Bio-Cure Shampoo

Herbal DHT fighting shampoo
Gentle cleanser
Promotes healthy hair follicles & keratin proteins
Sulfate, DEA & Paraben free
Hair looks stronger, thicker & provides moisture and shine for all hair types


- 25+ essential vitamins & minerals to enrich your hair
- Moisture balanced to repenish dry , stressed hair
- Energinzes & protects the hair from harsh styling products
- Adds fullness, thickness and shine to all hair types

Xtreme Growth Therapy

- Natural Topical Vitamin for early & mid stages of hair loss, thinning & damaged hair
- Scientifically proven to stimulate & deliver vitamins to the follicle root
-Keratin protein & B vitamins for strength and vitality
- Conditions the hair & scalp, giving the hair a fuller and thicker appearance


Scalp Prep

- Revitalizes scalp by removing excessive oil and debris
- Clinically proven & tested to work beneath the scalp surface
- Contains high concentration of B vitamins to       strengthen hair
- Significantly aids in topical hair loss productse

Xtreme Hair Boost+

- Clinically proven growth formula with Saw Palmetto Extract
- Speeds up the hair development cycle
- Contains aloe to reduce inflammation, a contributing factor for hair loss
- 11 DHT blockers & contains Monoxodil 
Restores Hair strength, thickness and volume


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